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Natural facial sponges from the sea are a gentle and versatile tool for makeup application, facial cleansing, makeup removal, and even nail care. Better than a washcloth, sponges can help to unclog blocked pores, provide a gentle exfoliation, stimulate new skin growth, and prepare your skin for its next step — whether that’s bedtime, a facial mask, or makeup. Safe and beneficial for all skin types, as well as reusable, facial cleansing sponges are a helpful addition to anybody’s skincare routine.

But the facial cleansing sponge does require some maintenance. Read on to learn how to properly clean and store your facial sponge so you can enjoy the benefits of radiant, fresh, clean skin.

How to Use a Facial Sponge

facial sponge

The beauty of the little sponge lies in its multiple uses. You can use the facial sponge as a cleansing tool by softening the sponge with water and adding your favorite cleanser. Massage into a lather and apply to your skin and neck in a circular motion for an exfoliating clean.

You can also use the sponge to apply oils and lotions for a smooth application. Dampen the sponge before applying the oil.

Use the sponge to apply foundation evenly. Dip a clean, damp sponge into your foundation and apply to your face. When you’re done, use the side that doesn’t have foundation on it to blend in any areas needing it.

How to Clean Facial Sponges

Facial sponges from the sea are designed to naturally inhibit mold, bacteria, and mildew. But if they aren’t properly taken care of, that ability decreases. Protect your cleansing sponge, and get the most use possible out of it, by following these steps.

  1. Rinse your sponge well with warm water.
  2. Squeeze the sponge until it is no longer dripping wet. Damp is fine.
  3. Use a dime-sized amount of a gentle cleanser, like baby soap or dish soap, to fully clean the sponge. Massage the cleanser into the sponge with your fingers until it’s absorbed into the sponge.
  4. Rinse the sponge under running water, squeezing the excess water out, until the water runs clear.
  5. You may need to repeat the process if you weren’t able to remove all the makeup from the sponge.
  6. Once clean, wrap the sponge in a clean towel and squeeze out the excess water into the towel.
  7. Lay the sponge out overnight to dry completely.

You can wash your sponge once a week, but if you’re prone to breakouts, you’ll need to wash it after each use.

How to Store Your Facial Sponge

Remember that even though facial sponges are designed to last for months, they must be properly cared for, and they must be stored correctly. Store your cleansing sponge at room temperature in a well-ventilated area. Keeping your sponge in a wet, damp, enclosed space (like a drawer or medicine cabinet) could encourage mold and bacteria growth. Keep it separate from other makeup and cleansing tools to prevent it from absorbing any other products or bacteria.

A good idea is to keep your facial sponge in a clean soap dish reserved only for the sponge. And if you travel, keep the sponge in its own mesh makeup bag

Kaiderma’s facial sponges are all-natural, harvested directly from the sea. The sponges are naturally soft, highly absorbent, and hypoallergenic. They are perfect for the delicate skin on your face, and will help you achieve beautiful results. Affordable and long-lasting, the all-natural facial sponge is a great solution for your skincare needs. Check it out today.

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