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When you combine nourishing products with facial massage, you not only beautify your skin, you work on the underlying muscles of your face. Regular facial massage can actually help to lift and contour. The natural radiance that facial massage promotes is another happy benefit.

Most of us don’t have time to get to the spa regularly for relaxing and rejuvenating facials. But you can get many of the benefits of a spa facial massage by giving yourself a facial in your own bathroom. In fact, you can do these every day.

Face Brightening Massage

The good thing about this method is you can take your time, or you can simply do it while you apply your daily moisturizer. It depends on what kind of hurry you’re in, but either way — you’ll walk away with a brighter face and stronger skin.

Adjust your touch according to your skin type. Oily, acne-prone skin? Use a light touch with little pressure. Want to increase your skin’s firmness? Use deep, stimulating motions.

1. Thoroughly wash your hands, and tie your hair back to keep germs away from your face.

2. Clean your skin with a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water. Pat dry with a towel.

3. Apply a soothing face oil or moisturizer to your hands. The will help your fingers glide smoothly across your skin. The warmth of you hands, combined with their rubbing motion, is going to help your skin better absorb the nutrients from the product.

4. Starting with your lymph area (under your ears on the sides of your neck), massage in a circular motion for one minute. Use wide circles (pushing your skin up), and use a firm (but not deep) touch.

5. Keep using those wide circular motions, and move to the sides of your jaw, the corners of your mouth, up to the side of your nostrils, and over your cheekbones. Use the back of your hand to gently pat under your chin and jawline. And remember to push your skin up and out — never down. Do this for one minute.

6. Move on to your forehead. Use a broad, circular motion at both sides of your forehead, and slowly move to the center. Then move back out again. Repeat for one minute.

7. Time for your eye area. But be careful here! It’s a good idea to use extra oil so you don’t drag your fingers across the delicate skin around your eyes. And use your ring finger so you apply the least amount of pressure. With your fingers at the arch of your brows, move them around the outside corners of your eyes, then under your eyes, ending with your fingers at the inside corners of your eyes. Move up the sides of your nose and along your brow lines. Keep doing this for one minute.

8. Go back over each area one more time.

If you’re in a hurry, shorten the time you spend on each area. This method will help to brighten your face, giving you a fresh and youthful appearance. And what’s more — you can do it every day!

Use Kaiderma’s natural skin care products in your facial massage, with ingredients that are formulated with powerful antioxidants, essential vitamins, anti-inflammatory agents, lipids, and minerals to promote healthy and vibrant skin.

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