Products You Didn’t Know You Need in Your Skin Care Routine

products you didn't know you need in your skin care routine

Fresh, healthy skin doesn’t come without a bit of work (unless you’re a baby, that is). As we age, our bodies begin to produce less and less collagen — which means our skin becomes less and less taut. And then there are the environmental factors, like sunlight, smoking, chemicals (including many “skin care” ingredients), stress, and poor diet. These factors combine to cause your skin to age. Fortunately, these environmental factors make up about 85% of your skin’s aging, meaning you can actually control (and even reverse) some signs of aging.

You may not know that you need these products in your skin care routine if you want to keep your skin healthy and young looking


Okay, it’s well known that you need a good cleanser for healthy skin. But we still felt it was worth throwing into this list because it’s important to choose the right cleanser. To treat your skin right, your cleanser should be gentle, with non-irritating ingredients, and should not have any soap in it. Soap can dry out your skin, while products that cause sensitivity can leave you open to environmental damage. This can prevent your skin from renewing itself.


Many people don’t know they should be using serums, but this product is so chock full of benefits for your skin, you’d be crazy not to add it to your skin care routine. The active ingredients in serums can repair, smooth, hydrate, and brighten you skin. Remember those harsh environmental exposures we talked about above? The antioxidants, UV absorbers, anti-inflammatory ingredients, and nutrients in Kaiderma’s Sea Serum protect your skin from these exposures that cause aging.

Serums are best used after cleansing, and before moisturizing.


Regular exfoliation can cause your skin to look and feel smoother, while dullness fades away. Not only that, it can reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.

But exfoliation needs to be done gently, with a product made of safe and natural ingredients that won’t damage your skin. And it shouldn’t be done too often. Two to three times a week is enough to reap the benefits of exfoliation.

Cleansing Mask

You might only associate masks with girls’ night get-togethers or spa treatments, but adding a mask made with natural oils to your regular routine will change your life. A mask can help your skin stay moisturized, which keeps your skin looking younger. As another vehicle for delivering necessary skin-nourishing vitamins, it’s also a great complement to the rest of your skin care routine, helping to solidify the good work that’s being done with your other products.


Toner helps to further clean your skin, removing makeup residue and any oils you missed while using cleanser. It also acts as a balancer, restoring your skin’s natural pH level. And when you use it before your serum, it prepares your skin to accept the benefits the serum — really aiding in tightening wrinkles and diminishing fine lines.

As all other skin care products, gentle is king. Some toners on the market actually contain skin-aggravating ingredients. Not surprisingly, these toners don’t help. Kaiderma Facial Toner uses a formula of natural botanical and marine ingredients that hydrate your skin.


It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that you should be using a sunscreen every day. Since 85% of your skin’s aging comes from environmental factors, and damage from the sun is part of that, keep your skin protected with a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30.

Kaiderma Skin Care is committed to science-based, natural skin therapies that promote healthy, youthful, vibrant skin. Spend some time in our shop to find the right product for you.

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