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It’s never too late to set goals for 2016. Most of us reaffirm our commitment to losing weight, exercising, eating healthier and waking up earlier – but have you ever considered making a resolution specific to your skin care routine? Your skin deserves the best 2016 too, and to make sure it happens here are 5 skin care resolutions to make this year.

  1. Moisturize After Bathing or Showering

The hot temperatures in your shower or bath can strip your skin of its natural oils. As soon as you get out of the shower, moisture literally evaporates away from your skin. You can help the cause by moisturizing as soon as you get out – within ten minutes and preferably less. This will replenish any lost moisture and lock your natural oils in. Making this part of your regular skin care routine will help improve your skin’s softness over time.

  1. Never Skip Sunscreen

The number one external factor that impacts the health of your skin is the sun. Harmful ultraviolet rays create free radicals that lead to aging skin, and of course, there is always the chance of something more serious such as cancer. While most of us slather on the sunscreen before going to the beach or when engaging in summer activities, many of us skip sunscreen in the spring, fall and winter. The fact is, the sun is just as harmful in those seasons as it is in the summer and you must protect yourself with sunscreen. Find a good daily sunscreen that is broad spectrum to protect you from UVA and UVB rays. This little extra step in your skin care routine can keep your skin looking younger for longer.

  1. Step Up Your Nighttime Skin Care Routine

When you think of your ‘skin care routine’ in general, you probably think of the things that you do in the morning – washing your body and face, putting on moisturizer and face cream, and so on. However, your skin care routine should also include nighttime activities that you perform on a regular basis. One of the most important steps in a nighttime skin care routine is to take off your makeup. Washing your facial skin well will get rid of the oil and dirt that leads to breakouts. After that, it’s important to moisturize. One of the best choices is a nighttime serum that moisturizes deeply while you sleep and combats the signs of aging.

  1. Regular Exfoliation

When you are younger, your skin replenishes itself quickly – for a baby, it takes only 14 days for the skin to completely replenish itself. As you get older, it takes longer – by the age of 30, it takes a full 28 days for your skin to replenish itself. In that span of time, the skin cells dry out and your skin loses its natural glow. You can help the process of renewing your skin simply by exfoliating. Choose a product that uses a mild exfoliate, such as sea salt and coral powder, which will gently remove the outer dead layers of skin to reveal healthy and glowing skin underneath.

  1. Be Patient

In today’s day and age, everyone is looking for fast results and if we don’t see the results we want quickly enough, we are tempted to abandon even the healthiest of habits. It will take time to see the results of your new skin care routine, so be patient! With some products, you’ll see improvement within a few days, but anti-aging products (for example) can take 4-6 weeks to show the results you are looking for. Commit to your skin care routine for the long haul and only make changes if your skin gets worse (which may indicate an allergy) or if your skin doesn’t improve after six weeks (which may indicate that the product is not going to work for you).

It’s the time of year for making resolutions – why not commit to healthier skin by shaking up your skin care routine in 2016? These skin care resolutions are the perfect way to get the beautiful skin you want – and deserve!

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