Kaiderma Sea Serum is specifically formulated to help protect and support your skin from the damaging effects of daily exposure to sun, pollutants, cleaning agents and other factors that can promote aging.  Powerful marine antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents help fight damage from the environmental exposures. Vitamin C & E support barrier repair and proper skin hydration.

Two of the primary mechanisms which promote skin aging are free radicals and inflammation.  Together they are responsible for the most visible signs of aging, cellular damage and with increased risk for serious skin disease.  Key to the effectiveness of Kaiderma Facial Serum are marine algae and the Sea Whip extract.  Both are two powerful antioxidants that protect and repair skin from sun exposure and help with inflammation issues.

The marine ingredients are supported by Vitamins C and E along with the herb Turmeric (Ter-mer-ic) and plant sourced Ferulic (Fer-u-lic) Acid which neutralize a wide range of damaging free radicals.

Our Sea Serum is light, can be applied before makeup and will protect your skin throughout the day. Order yours today!



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