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We’re all busy, and adding steps to our skin care routine isn’t exactly appealing unless we know those steps will be worth it. And for years, skin toner has been one of those steps that seems unnecessary. In fact, you may have even heard that skin toner is harmful to your skin.

And you wouldn’t be completely wrong to hold that belief since skin toner was often made with alcohol in the past (and still is, in some cases). It’s true that some skin toners on the market are alcohol based, with SD alcohol, denatured alcohol, or isopropyl alcohol in their ingredients. These alcohols dry out the skin, which is appealing to people who struggle with oily complexions. However, the immediate de-greasing an alcohol-based skin toner gives to skin is not worth the long-term consequences of using an alcohol-based toner. Alcohol makes it harder for your skin to rejuvenate itself, and it breaks down the surface of your skin — making it harder for blemishes to heal themselves.

So should you be using skin toner?

Well, yes…. But only if you use the right kind.

Why Use Facial Toner

Gentle, soothing toners do a great job at removing makeup, oil, and the day’s dirt and grime. Not only that, but toners with the right ingredients actually aid in closing your skin pores and tightening cell gaps. Why is this good? Well, a reduction of pores always looks smoother, but closing the pores also closes the pathways for impurities to enter into your skin.

Some toners can even moisturize your skin. Remember how busy you are? A toner can leave you skin smooth and hydrated, actually reducing the need for moisturizer and sometimes removing that step from your routine.

Toners also prepare your skin to accept other nutrients, like the ones you can get from a serum. When you combine a toner with a serum, you help reduce fine lines and tighten wrinkles.

An essential function of skin toners is that they restore your skin’s pH balance, which helps to keep your skin moisturized and block harmful germs.

And not that we’re advocating for skipping the step of washing your skin, but facial toners can cleanse your skin in a pinch when you don’t have the chance to wash your face.

How to Apply Skin Toner

  1. Use a gentle cleanser with warm water, and then pat your skin dry.
  2. Apply toner to a cotton ball (but don’t soak it), and lightly glide it across your skin. Avoid your eyes and mouth.
  3. Repeat Step 2 if your cotton ball comes back with dirt on it.
  4. Let your skin dry. Do not rinse

You can do this both in the morning and at night, and you can use the toner for your neck and decolletage as well.

What to Look for in a Facial Toner

Perhaps it’s smarter to first state what you shouldn’t look for in a facial toner. Remember that alcohols are drying and damaging to your skin, but you also want to avoid toners that contain peppermint, menthol, and fragrances.

Kaiderma Facial Toner includes marine algae and sea kelp to hydrate the skin; extracts of orange, lemon, and more to cleanse and revitalize; and caffeine and white willow bark extract to improve texture and reduce puffiness and dark circles. Enjoy beautiful skin with Kaiderma Facial Toner.

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