winter skin care mistakes

Whether you thrive in winter weather or go into hibernation, your skin inevitably suffers from the dramatic changes in temperature, winds, and indoor heating. It’s impossible to avoid the negative conditions of winter, but you don’t have to just bear with itchy, dry, and uncomfortable skin. You also don’t have to wonder if your youthful skin is gone forever as the winter air saps it of all its moisture. A little know-how and the right products can keep your skin glowing and fresh all winter long. Make sure you’re not making any of these winter skin care mistakes this year.

Hot Showers

We know, we know. It’s cold outside, and hot showers feel glorious. But that feeling will only be temporary, as the hot water will dry out — and even potentially damage — your skin. Do your best to turn the temperature down just a bit — warm is still fine; lobster skin is not so fine.

Not Exfoliating

Dry, flaky skin is an indication that your skin cells have died — but are still sticking around like that last, annoying, lingering party guest. Your instinct may be to slather on moisturizer, but did you know that moisturizers don’t get rid of the flaking skin? Instead, exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, getting rid of dry and unsightly skin. Exfoliating will make way for new skin cells to soak up the moisture from your toner, serum, and/or moisturizer so that fresh, healthy skin can shine forth.

Facial Scrub

Letting Yourself Get Dehydrated

This is one of the easier winter skin care mistakes to make. We don’t always feel as thirsty in the wintertime, but that doesn’t mean our bodies don’t need water. Continue to strive for eight glasses of water each day to help keep your body, lips, and skin hydrated.

Not Wearing Sunscreen

Perhaps the most dangerous winter skin care mistake is to neglect sunscreen. Remember – the sun doesn’t stop sending forth harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer and aging just because the temperature drops. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen every day in the wintertime. And pay attention to the parts of you face that tend to be forgotten: the corners of your eyes, under your eyes, your upper hairline, the tops of your ears, the creases of your nose, the skin between your upper lip and nose, and your neck.

Deter Mineral Reef Safe Sunscreen SPF 30

Not Wearing Sunglasses

The sun is still hard at work damaging your eyes, even in the winter. Plus, the sun makes you squint, and squinting causes wrinkles. Protect your eyesight and the delicate skin around your eyes by continuing to wear sunglasses throughout the winter months.


Neglecting Your Lips

Your lips are one of the first areas of your body to lose moisture. That’s because they don’t have oil glands, which makes them dry out like a thirsty desert floor. Defenseless against the elements, leaving them unprotected is just cruel.

And licking your lips only leaves them more dry than before, as the saliva rapidly evaporates, taking any other moisture right along with it. Plus, the digestive enzymes in your saliva can lead to cracking, bleeding, and more. Keep your lips nourished with a lip balm to keep them beautiful — AND to prevent yourself from having the urge to lick them.

Lip Therapy

Neglecting a Prevention Plan

Don’t wait until your skin is unbearably itchy. Realize now that you are going to be dealing with a different beast (winter) and take steps to prevent its negative effects.

A regimen including toner, serum, exfoliant and a cleansing mask infused with skin-healthy vitamins like vitamins A, C, and E will fight free radicals and premature signs of aging while keeping your skin supple, youthful, and most importantly — not cracked and dry. Hydration is your friend.

Be careful of the ingredients in your prevention plan products. Alcohol in toners can strip your skin of its natural oils and proteins, drying it out. Use a toner that doesn’t contain alcohol, and look for other products that contain natural, skin-healthy ingredients, like coconut oil, vitamins, and more.

Your prevention plan should include quick application. The dry winter air will cause the water on your skin to evaporate rapidly after a shower, leaving your skin even more dry than before. Apply a nourishing toner immediately after patting your skin dry so you can trap moisture in your skin. A serum under your moisturizer will give your skin an additional boost of hydration. Or skip a step and use a facial serum that’s formulated to work as both a serum and facial moisturizer, eliminating the need for a separate moisturizer.


The Kaiderma Skin Care facial and body product line is designed with your skin’s health in mind. Natural ingredients, nourishing vitamins, and pleasing scents combine to give your skin the gentle attention it needs and more easily avoid common winter skin care mistakes.

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